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Full – scale projects to record and document local culture, and further it among future generations.

We attempt Reviving faith in our local culture as a means to locally sustainable Lifestyles, Livelihoods and eventually, Development, that lasts over several millennia.

Local culture evolves consistent to Local Climate & Soil. To date, local culture & people live reverently with the local ecology. In other words, we worship our environment. By rapidly & blindly replacing local culture with a copy-paste, so-called ‘Global’ one, we steadily destroy our Climate and Soil, for short-term gains.

‘Culture’ as constituted by five elements of ‘Dialects, Diets, Dresses, Dwellings, Dances & Song s’™, and the sixth, subtle element of ‘Deities’. ‘Environment’ constitutes the social, economic and ecological concerns of a Geo-climatic zone.


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