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Short and medium – term actvities for local people to accept local culture ‘the way it is, and the way it is not’.

All Swaraj tribes practice togetherness, oneness and community, internally and externally. All people, across the world, aspire to leave the natural environment better than they received it.

In our envisioned future…

All soil types already have their own, locally-derived, evolved, and handed-down 6 ‘D’s. As we travel across the world, we see soil changes represented by changes in flora & fauna, and along with that people’s 6 ‘D’s change. People across various climate & soil-types have zero dependence for their sustenance on neighboring tribes and trade based on abundance.

Livelihoods have minimum ‘degrees of separation’ from nature, and local people have local livelihoods which are sustainable and transmitted through generations.


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