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5waraj is an NGO based in South Extension Part 1, New Delhi (India) that works with schools, universities and professional bodies to raise awareness on our local, traditional culture and its innate connection to the local environment.

By ‘Culture’ we mean five key elements that constitute a culture, namely, Bhasha, Bhojan, Bhesh, Bhavan, Bhajan (Dialects, Diets, Dresses, Dwellings, Dances & Songs™ – henceforth referred to as [5 ‘D’s].)

We do this to facilitate a back-to-the-roots movement impacting sustainable lifestyles and sustainable cities, reduce carbon-footprints and de-congest cities.

Our long-term focus is to steer national & global demand towards ‘natural’, ‘local’ and sustainable, not to forget ‘regional’, ‘rural’ &/or ‘Tribal’.

This can mitigate climate change in the long-run, decongest cities, and create a sustainable future for our children.


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